Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The new addition :)

Done with my 2nd outfit, my swing tag planning (for my collection) as well as my drapery illustration! Now.. Two story boards due on Friday and then I can relax for a day or 2. Gosh does that sound good or what! In my previous post I added photos of what inspired me to design this 2nd garment (it is actually number 7, so the colours are quite dark). Say hello to my "squid" dress :)

Thanks to nicole furter for being my model :)Photos of my drapery illustration will be posted.. as soon as I have taken a photo that is. 
Happy Wednesday every one! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When you move like a jellyfish, rythm is nothing, you go with the flow you don't stop :)

Next up, lucky number 7! This design was inspired by the shapes and features of deep sea jelly fish. I will be adding blue fairy lights into the top collar (the top layer of the triple layer stand collar) to portray the luminescence of these deep sea creatures.

I have started sewing this little lady so I will photograph and upload my progress this weekend :)guess what.. no beading on this one, oh happy days! Not sure how I will insert the lights yet though but that's WAY better than the thought of having to bead for four days straight.


Monday, May 16, 2011


I love designing shoes, especially them big ones! The only sad thing is, I want all of the shoes I design... We had to do a similar project in my 1st year at FEDISA where we designed 20 accessories. When I came across that assignment a week ago I had a little giggle and then longed for a few of those designs to exist and to be all mine! Someday... Well, a girl can dream :)

For THIS brief we had to design 9 handbags, 9 shoes, 9 pieces of costume jewellery and then 2 extras. After a few late nights and multiple freak outs, this is what "appeared" on paper...

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

One down... 8 to go!

Done with our first look of our final collections and onto the next one we go.. After finishing our garments we had Visual week and had a few hand-ins such as a collection accessories assignment, we had to sketch 4 hands and 4 feet using different mediums (charcoal, dry pastel, colour pencils and graphite) for another assignment and on Friday we had to hand in 4 mood boards which we did on CAD (Computer Aided Design). 

Having sewn for a period of 3 long weeks I was exhausted and had a hard time getting into the whole sketching-my-life-away thing again. I like sketching, don't get me wrong but doing it while feeling like a little zombie woman? Not for me.. not for anyone actually. This weekend I am relaxing for on Monday we start with our second look... good luck to us!

Below are a few photos of my first look which consists of a micro mini flared dress with beading (beading.... took.for.ever!) and a hooded bolero. 

I am proud of my creation.. it is weird yet wonderful. Strange and beautiful :) Hope you like it too!