Thursday, November 24, 2011

I want you, I need you, Oh baby, Oh baby..

I love jewellery.. It doesn't have to be expensive and I am not a big fan of diamonds (lucky future husband I have..). I like all styles cute, interesting or just simplistic. In some cases, less really is more! I have gathered a few photos of my favourite styles and those which are currently in vogue.

Yes, I like and now that I have time, I like a lot of :)

Daaaaaamn.. I need all of it. *sigh*... 
Anyways, Have a happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Under water beauties

I am really scared of the ocean but at the same time I love it (Looking at my graduate collection post you will probably notice this). It fascinates me, it makes me want to know more, see more and experience everything that goes with it - even though I know I never will. Well, never say never.. 

I find most of my inspirations for designs while browsing through under water (under the ocean) photography. Nature contains a vast amount of colours, textures and patterns - enough to provide fashion designers with original designs for..ever? I'd say. 

Amazing photography below

How awesome is this octopus? WOW

If you haven't already seen the film - the Cove - I highly recommend that you watch it. Yes it is sad, yes it is gruesome but if I did not watch this movie I would not have known the true story of what happens behind enemy lines in Taiji, Japan. It really opens up ones eyes and reaches deep into your heart and soul. How can anyone hurt a beautiful creature such as the dolphin? They are the only mammals who recognize what they see when looking into a mirror. They are also the only animals who make love for pleasure and not just to reproduce.. Amazing, isn't it? 

The Cove 
Directed by former National Geographic Photographer, 
Louie Psihoyos

Even if you do not wish to get involved, just be aware of what is going on in other countries. Pray that this will end soon.


Friday, November 18, 2011

I was doing a little bit of blog-surfing yesterday and stumbled upon a few ridiculously awesome photographs. I have come to realize that when a cigarette and/or smoke is included in a photo, this photo is just automatically awesome. Seriously, check it out :)

Especially the gifs (2nd, 3rd and 4th from bottom).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I loved the late Alexander McQueen and I love Sarah Burton. wow.... They are two of a kind I must say, I am speechless every.single.time.

Alexander McQueen 

S/S 2012 

Backstage Short film

Alexander McQueen 

S/S 2012 Runway Show

Watch it.. You know you want to ;) I promise it will change your life... Okay, maybe not your life per say BUT definitely the next 10 minutes of your life. The design detail, the CONCEPT, the colours and textures.. How can one be this creative? Well, like I once wrote in a previous post, every one in the fashion industry is a little bit cooked in the head - some just more than others. THAT is how you create phenomenal pieces such as these delicately crafted garments. Amazeballs. 

PS. My twin brother - Ruan -  will be performing (guitar and singing) at a gig with his friend, also named Ruan, tonight. Yes.. Video coming up! 
Good luck bro, make us proud :)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before the FEDISA Graduate collection show we had to organize a collection photo shoot, finish our last garment AND do our portfolios.. As well as buy/make our accessories for the show. I almost gave up.. but the thought of being done in liiiike 3 weeks? AMAZING! The stress, sleepless nights, sweat and tears, not to mention being a total potty mouth, was all worth it. Three years done and dusted!! :) 

Proud to present....

My graduate collection









Model: Retha Nortje @ 20Management
Photographer, MUA, Styling and designer: Myself :)

Thank you beautiful Reetz for all your help!
Photos of my garments on the runway, fully accessorized, will be posted as soon as I receive them, so watch this space..