Monday, March 28, 2011

Hide and Seek

The first two years of my BA fashion design degree course at FEDISA went by really quickly! At the end of every year FEDISA hosts a Graduate Collection Show to show the public, our friends and families what us crazy creatures have been up to and what we are capable of. 

The first, second and third years each receive separate themes for these shows. In my first year in 2009 our theme was Red Rising and in my second year last year our theme was Tribute to McQueen (in honour of British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen who passed away on the 11th of February 2010). 

My garment for "Red Rising" and my one garment for "Tribute to McQueen" as well as my corseted dress for the J&B Met fashion show at Cavendish are all displayed below. At the end of our last module last year we had to design and sew a corseted dress, which was entered into the J&B Met- Larger than Life Cavendish fashion show and then if you were one of the finalists, your dress was then entered into the J&B Met Competition. 

(Above) GCS 2009 - First year
(My apologies for the size of this photo)

(Above) Judging Day 2009
Model: My beautiful friend, Adri Verster

(Above) GCS 2010 - Second year

(Above) Judging Day 2010
Models: Michelle Viljoen and Megan Taljaard

(Above) Some of the photos from my J&B Met photo shoot

Models: Albe Brink and Salmon Nortje
Location: Lourensford Wine Estate


Sunday, March 27, 2011

In my dreams..

Below are the 9 looks I chose for my Graduate Collection.. We will start sewing in the next module which starts on the 11th of April. Nervous yet TOTALLY excited! I have chosen possible (some of which I'm definitely going to use) fabrics as well - Chiffons, silks, satins, sequined fabric (I am in love with the sequined fabric I bought by the way, gosh. It is CRAZY beautiful!), cotton, nylon, a few trims and embellishments to add sparkles =)

Seeing that my main inspiration is the ocean and the marine life, I will have a lot of embellishments (not shown on the technical drawings) to give the illusion of fish scales and the textures of deep sea creatures. Some of the last few garments will contain luminescence in the form of flashing lights as well as fairy lights incorporated into the garments.

I solemnly swear to post my 9 rendered fashion figures which will be displayed on my final collection storyboards and then, finally, the above mentioned boards no later than next week. 

Listening to one of my all time favourites:

Moby - Porcelain

This island is truly one of God's MOST incredible creations and this song, one of Moby's. It is a DREAM! My dream.. 
Enjoy =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A q u a L u n g

My collection worksheets displaying 71 designs.

We had to assemble 9 looks out of these 70+ designs so, as soon as I am done with my final technical drawings, I will let you in on my little secret.. My choice of looks for my collection <3

Happy long weekend everyone and safe travels!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Miss Half way

Well, we are almost done with the first term of our graduate year at FEDISA and my oh my, what a busy term it was! Us sleep-deprived students will certainly enjoy our little holiday whether we are going away or back to our hometowns :) After discussing my technical drawings of my collection with the lecturers as well as gathering fabric swatches and deciding what can go where, I am happy to say that Amee is finally EXCITED to start sewing! There will most definitely be late nights and little sleep and I can guarantee you some of us won't sleep at all but we will have to do whatever it takes to finish these garments (well constructed garments hopefully) on time if we want them to be showcased in the FEDISA Graduate Collection Show..

I am amazed at some of the looks my fellow classmates have designed and put together, true fashion designers I tell you. Bravo 3rd years! Only a few more deadlines next week but nothing we can't handle. Yes, we are hardcore like that.   

Last week we had an assignment that required us to do a little bit of half scale drapery. I really liked the themes given to us. We could choose between Joy, Envy, Anger, Sorrow, Love and Fear. Mia Steenkamp and I chose the theme "Anger" so we draped a black structured pleather dress with an over sized collar made of felt with added volume on the hip (Below):

Some of the other draperies:

As you can see, a bunch of talented fashion creatures in my class. We are half way to the start of our sewing processes people, we can do this, we can do this all night long! (Literally).
Later alligators