Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's a doggy dog world :P

I haven't been home in a while so it is awesome spending some time with the family, especially my pups! Seeing that the weather is a bit..average.. I have been cuddling with my Dachshund, Steffi, and watching movies all day long. It actually felt wrong not having to work but honestly, I enjoyed it. A lot.

Say hello to Steffi, Tazzi and Rusty :)

Canines are awesome! Take care of your pets for all of them, not only dogs, really are our best friends. Never take them for granted and treat them with love and respect..

Glits 'n Glam

I am in LOVE with glitters, sequins, rhinestones as well as diamante covered clothing. Fashion craving of the moment.. For sure :) I found these images on and had to share!

I want it all! Any girl's dream I'd say.. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anthony Vaccarello

"The last year of my study (2006) I won the Festival of Hyeres. It's the most famous fashion festival in France. I won the First Prize and the L'OrĂ©al prize and right after winning the prize in 2006, I was asked to work at Fendi in Rome as a fur designer with Karl Lagerfeld. It was amazing. I was called there because my graduation collection was all made in leather. I spent 2 years at Fendi then I moved to Paris to launch my own collection.

His garments are amazing and extremely interesting don't you think? Check out his website to see the rest of his designs, he is a true creative i'd say. A touch of futurism, just the way I like it :)

Things are crazy here at the moment, preparing for our annual FEDISA graduate collection fashion show 'n all.. My collection photo shoot was a success today, I will dedicate a post to that when I have my life back. Promise. 

Right now, I am about to have a nervous break down but you know, we have no more class (since Friday, how awesome?) so after crazy Monday hand ins coming up and our collection crit on Friday things will be a teeny tiny bit more chilled. Not completely chilled. I will relax after our graduation when I am holding my degree... Can't wait!! Have a super Sunday tomorrow everyone :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello kitty

How cute is this?? This cub fell down here and couldn't get back up so its mommy came to the rescue :) 

The things mothers do for their children.. And to think some people think animals aren't smart enough to do things like this? Scroll up. These photos definitely prove you wrong. This would've been the perfect Mother's Day post! Now, if you're lucky enough to have a mother who loves you, go tell her you love her.. Phone her, text her or just give her a random hug. You know you want to ♥